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Filing an insurance claim for your home can be difficult to navigate. Over 90% of policy holders have stated their insurance policies often leave them confused and misinformed by the legal terms, exceptions and exclusions. The attorneys of Kling Law are here to help you clear up that confusion and understand what steps are needed for you to earn the maximum payout from your insurance company.

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Kling Law’s team of knowledgable attorneys is standing by to help you.
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Who We Are At Kling Law

We are proudly headquartered near Tampa International Airport, offering our clients convenience and accessibility. Originally
founded on the principle of helping your neighbor, we have activelydefended Tampa Bay homeowners for nine years. Our firm has helped resolve disputes between policy holders and insurance companies, offering maximum payout offerings to our clients.

If filing your insurance claim, whether the first or the third, is proving challenging, Kling Law’s team of expert attorneys are experienced and ready to help you earn the payout you deserve!

The Local Law Firm PuttingYour Claim First.

Kling Law’s team of skilled lawyers specialist in the following claim areas:

• Sinkhole Damage
• Water Damage
• Wind Damage

• Termite Collapse
• Mold Damage
• Hurricane Damage

Our team has the aggression and tenacity to help you through the nightmare of insurance claims. We won’t stop working until we have resolved your claim and earned you the payout you deserve for your home damage repairs.

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Our attorneys treat your insurance claim like their own, backed with expert skills and outstanding confidence. We are so confident we can help you earn the claim you deserve that we offer free consultations to get you started. To schedule your free consultation, Fill out the form below!


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